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metaBeratung: Because personality matters

We are convinced that there is a place (of work) for every personality, and we see our task in setting the course for optimal personnel decisions. To us, personality counts. To shed light on the significance of a person’s personality in the professional context, we use a combination of objective, quantitative and experience-based qualitative methods. In short, we provide individual consulting based on scientifically accurate and valid content.

metaBeratung is your partner for Hogan personality procedures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In these countries. metaBeratung distributes Hogan personality tests and reports, and is authorized to perform Hogan certifications.




We meet all requirements of diversity, Germany’s Equal Rights Act (AGG), and the quality criteria of DIN33430. We hold EU standard contract clauses for the fulfilment of international data protection guidelines, and comply with the data protection requirements as per §9 and §11 of the Federal Data Protection Act.