Hogan 1:1 Refresher Workshop

Hogan Refresher Workshop

Hogan Refresher Workshop

You have recently been certified but would like to refresh your knowledge and get more practice in "giving feedback"? Your Hogan certification is some time ago and you want to refresh your knowledge about the Hogan Assessments?

Then the one-day Hogan Refresher Workshop is just what you need. On this day you will receive more detailed information about the Hogan scales and the subscales. You will practice feedback with the inclusion of red threads and job profiles.

 The goal of this workshop is for you to gain an even more comprehensive knowledge of how to interpret the Hogan Assessments in order to extract more information from the personality profiles and to be able to conduct even more in-depth and relevant feedback.


Agenda of the Hogan Refresher Workshop:


1. Hogan Assessment-Results

  • Repetition of dimensions of HPI, HDS and MVPI and subscales exercises
  • Revealing red threads


2. Feedback exercises and special cases such as:

  • How do I deal with sceptical candidates?
  • How do I deal with candidates showing high HDS scores?
  • How do I deal with candidates scoring high on 'adjustment'?
  • What are lessons learned? 


3. Competence Mapping

  • Linking the Hogan scales to a job profile 


4. Dates

  • agreed individually



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