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Hogan Assessments

Use the high-performance Hogan Personality Tests independently with the Hogan Certificate

The Hogan Personality Tests are high-performance instruments for talent management throughout the employee life cycle: from selection and development to follow-on planning or outplacement.

Learn the principles of the Hogan Personality Tests HPI (potential), HDS (risks) and MPI (values) in a three-day Hogan Certification Workshop. You will learn how to interpret the results reports and practise providing understandable, targeted feedback based on the Hogan results.

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Upcoming workshops

  • 2019 January 21-23 , Frankfurt/ Main (German)
  • 2019 February 25.-27. Stuttgart (German)
  • 2019 March 11.-13, Zurich (German)
  • 2019 April 1.-3. Dusseldorf (English)
  • 2019 May 13.-15. Vienna (German)
  • 2019 June 3.-5. Munich (German)
  • 2019 July 3.-5. Dusseldorf (German)

Number of participants is limited.

Our Hogan certification package

Your personal assessments

Go through all Hogan Assessments

In preparation for the workshop, you go through all three online assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI). The results are also part of the introduction and the certification workshop.

Introduction with Hogan expert

Talk with your hogan trainer about Hogan Assessments and your results

Shortly before the workshop you receive a personal introduction on the phone with one of our Hogan experts. Here you get first insights into your personal assessment results.

Hogan Workshop

3-day certification workshop

You learn everything about the Hogan Assessments. You practice giving professional and detailed feedback based on the Hogan Reports.


Choose your workshop components individually on your way to become a Hogan expert. To get the Hogan certificate the basic workshop is necessary. The advanced workshop can also be completed seperately. We are happy to help you with your planning.

Learn Hogan basics in 2 days (Level 1)

Day 1: The principles of the Hogan Personality Test Potential (HPI), Risks (HDS) and Values (MVPI)

Day 2: Preparation and management of practised Hogan feedback discussions in the field of personnel selection and development

Advanced workshop (Level 2)

Day 3: Developing agile leadership with Hogan Assessments, set-up an individual development plan, subscale training

Your advantage at metaBeratung

  • Work in small groups, not classroom style
  • Linking the Hogan Assessments with the topics Agile Leadership and Digitization
  • ICF coaches receive 20 CCEUs for the International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation for attending
  • Benefit from quarterly interpretation webinars to refresh and expand your Hogan knowledge

Why a certification?

After completing your certification, you will be able to work with any of the Hogan Personality Tests, to interpret them correctly and to provide qualified feedback based on them.

We will be pleased to offer this workshop as an in-house event at the venue of your choice for a minimum of 4 participants. If you are interested, please either phone or use the  contact form below to register independently with the Hogan Certificate.

Participants' comments

Read the experiences of enthusiastic participants of our Hogan Assessment Trainings.

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Our trainers

Swen Heidenreich, Director

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  • 2019 January 21-23, Frankfurt (German) #slugtermin1
  • 2019 February 25.-27 Stuttgart (German)#slugtermin2
  • 2019 March 11.-13, Zurich (German)#slugtermin3
  • 2019 April 1.-3. Dusseldorf (English)#slugtermin4
  • 2019 May 13.-15. Vienna (German)#slugtermin5
  • 2019 June 3.-5. Munich (German)#slugtermin6
  • 2019 July 3.-5. Dusseldorf (German)#slugtermin7


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