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Press releases

// 02.03.2017

Most Leaders Unprepared to Meet the Demands of Digital Disruption

The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an initiative of IMD business school and Cisco, and HR consultancy metaBeratung, have identified four competencies and three behaviours that business leaders need in order to excel in the era of digital disruption.

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// 22.11.2016

Press release 11/2016: Survey “Working 4.0”: End-of-year talks have become obsolete

Conventional end-of-year reviews are no longer adequate, latest survey results show. The majority (75%) of executives in Germany ask for a new feedback culture.

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// 28.09.2016

Germany’s top managers: 75% identified with ‘Trump syndrome’

3/4 of top managers in Germany’s executive suite show distinctive narcissistic traits in their personality. They permanently put themselves in the limelight – like Donald Trump, US presidential candidate.

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// 06.09.2016

Press release 09/2016: German companies lack "bullheads"

87 percent of German leaders demand to strengthen the personal skills of employees in the face of digitalization. This includes persistence, self-awareness, and judgment. These are the findings of the survey "Human Resources in the digital transformation" conducted by metaBeratung, a management and HR consulting company with focus on personality assessments. metaBeratung asked 100 executives across various industries in Germany.

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// 12.07.2016

Press release 07/2016: Survey “Working 4.0”: German fear digital revolution

About three quarters of German executives would like to define their employees’ fear of working in the world 4.0 as a concrete task and set it on their company’s to-do-list. The interviewed executives consider three personality attributes as very important.

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// 07.06.2016

Press release 06/2016: Survey “Working 4.0” - Executives fear dull employees

81 percent of German executives declare employees’ motivation and engagement a management issue, to master the digital transformation successfully. At the same time they appeal to their own colleagues: Two-thirds require to set new leadership role models on the digital agenda.

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// 03.05.2016

Press release 05/2016: Career 4.0 - Executives put pressure on HR departments

79 percent of German executives say that their employees wish to have individual career options for the digital age. Employers are called upon to replace inflexible and rigid opportunities for advancement with flexible career management for career 4.0. But two-thirds of the interviewed persons see their own HR departments incapable of meeting the new requirements and tasks.

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// 05.04.2016

Press release 04/2016: German executives want to make more mistakes

Nearly two-thirds of German executives want to establish a culture of fault tolerance in their companies in the scope of digital transformation. The aim is to set the handling of risks on their employer’s digital agenda and to create a scope of creativity.

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// 08.03.2016

Press release 03/2016: HR-Survey: Executives block digital revolution

Almost 70 percent of German executives are afraid that their employees stick to behavioral patterns of the traditional, i.e. analog world and for this will block the digital transformation.

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// 01.12.2015

presse release 12/2015: Career frustration: Why end-of-the-year reviews tend to hit the wall

The end-of-the-year reviews lead to ongoing career frustration each year before the holidays. Read more, how the reciews become a constructive event – for both, employer and employee.

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// 30.07.2015

Press release 7/2015: Virtual teamwork -71% of employees think they control their weaker self

The vast majority of German employees ( 71 percent ) believe they can motivate themselves even outside the classical workspace of the office like, for example in virtual teams. Every second employee even thinks to be more creative in the home office than in team meetings.

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// 15.06.2015

Press release 6/2015: Junior Managers in GSA brush mistakes under the carpet

The junior managers in Germany tend to gloss over mistakes rather than learn from them. In direct comparison, experienced top executives are clearly more selfcritical and acquire important practical knowledge and useful intuition due to their willingness to learn, which in return pushes their careers.

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// 26.05.2015

Press release 5/2015: Pitfalls of Teamwork: 44 percent of German employees worry that their ideas are thieved

Teamwork is very popular in Germany: 92 percent of employees believe that teamwork encourages innovation and creativity. Still, one problem remains: every second person believes to be more creative working alone and uninterrupted.

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// 26.03.2015

Press release 3/2015: Candidates striving for power get promoted

Whoever wants to make it to the executive level obviously won’t succeed without a strong power motive in German-speaking companies. Personality of top executives show a stronger "power" motive compared to their colleagues in middle management or entry level positions. Still, team spirit is important, the higher altruism score in middle management shows.

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