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We want to keep you up-to-date with all the events on every aspect of Metaberatung. To this end, you will find a list of current events, news, publications by our staff, press mentions and our own blog, in which we regularly cast further light on various topics, here.

Future of leadership: From Charisma to Humility - Events with Dr. Robert Hogan in Zurich und Munich

Digitization does not only change the way we work, but also the way we lead. At our events in Zurich and Munich, Dr. Robert Hogan will give insights how leadership will change and what the leader's role will be in the future.

Keynote Events with Dr. Robert Hogan

Recent studies and interesting facts about metaBeratung

In our 'News' section, we provide you with all current and interesting facts about meta-consulting. Here you will find facts, studies and everything related to the development of hot topics such as Agile Leadership, Change Management, New Work and, of course, personality. 


XChange Night - our first own event format

In mid-2018, we launched our first own event format: our XChange Night. But what does the XChange Night stand for? To make it short: For the mutual exchange on current topics on a small scale.



Read more about our current publications, such as our recent book 'Agiles Führen: Führungskompetenzen für die Agile Transformation.'


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Here is an overview of all Hogan reports & important documents.


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