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// 29.08.2018

Updated Hogan Response Format

On September 5th  the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) will be transitioned from a two-point response format (True/False) to a four-point response format (Strongly Agree/Agree/Disagree/Strongly Disagree). These changes will not only improve the participant experience, but also the psychometric properties.

Regarding a sample group of 297 persons who accomplish the HPI with both the two-point-scale and the four-point-scale, the four-point-scale reduced the skewed distribution pattern of the scale 'Ambition' and 'interpersonal Sensitivity' by around 50 % and increased the average Cronbach Alpha of all seven scales from .83 to .87. Missing values are excluded through the new response format. 

The HPI and HDS will be using the new response format. The MVPI will keep the three-point response format (do not agree /neutral/agree). 

The response time will only be slightly affected by < 1 second per item. 

Download further information here. 




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