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Here, you will find any information from current facts and studies to recent developments  at metaBeratung. And you will be able to look behind the scenes: who are the people behind metaBeratung? Our team works hard every day towards bringing you the best solutions in talent selection and development. In addition, you will have the chance to get to know the metaBeratung personalities more closely in this section.

// 29.08.2018

Updated Hogan Response Format

On September 5th the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) will be transitioned from a two-point response format (True/False) to a four-point response format (Strongly Agree/Agree/Disagree/Strongly Disagree).

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// 24.07.2018

Finally- what really worked for us

Change @metaBeratung

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// 23.07.2018

Digital Transformation

How do cultures and values need to change?

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// 20.06.2018

Global Afterwork at DHL in Bonn

on June 20th metaBeratung will join the Global After-Work organized by Global Digital Women in Bonn. DHL will host this months event!

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// 22.03.2018

Hot off the press: Our new company brochure!

We've been working on it for a long time, we've redesigned and rewrote it, but now it's finally here: the new metaBeratung brochure.

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// 23.02.2018

HDS hits 2 million mark

At the beginning of 2018, the 2 millionth user completed the Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

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// 24.11.2017

metaBeratung nominated for the HR Excellence Award

The joint project "Leadership in the Digital Age" by metaBeratung and IMD Business School has been nominated for the HR Excellence Award in the category "Leadership Development". The award ceremony took place on November 24, 2017 in Berlin.

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// 27.04.2017

Too much of a good thing…

... is sometimes counterproductive. That also applies to characteristics that have an excellent reputation - charisma, for example.

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// 02.03.2017

Redefining Leadership for a Digital Age

Many leaders today find it challenging to cope with the increasing pace and unpredictability of change. For many companies, the root cause of this change is disruption fueled by digitization of products, processes, and business models.

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// 02.02.2017

metaBeratung Switzerland continues to grow

metaBeratung gains a new member in Switzerland.

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// 24.01.2017

We redefine "leadership in the digital world"

The digital revolution is changing our jobs and our way of working. It is changing the way we communicate and the way we lead. But how does leadership change. What is “good leadership” in the digital transformation? What are the differences in comparison to leadership 10 years ago? There is limited research on leadership – there is no research on digital leadership that provides adequate answers.

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// 12.01.2017

Hogan releases High Potential Talent Report

New product from Hogan Assessment Systems that helps organizations to simplify evaluation and development of talents and to reduce high leadership failure rates.

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// 04.01.2017

Hogan LEAD becomes Leadership Forecast Series

Hogan Assessments Systems releases an aesthetic update of the LEAD series, which contains reports for selection and development. From now on the series is called Leadership Forecast Series. For more information about what this update provides please click here.

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// 11.11.2016

The MVPI turns One Million

In september Hogan administered the one millionth MVPI assessment (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory)

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// 28.09.2016

Germany’s top managers: 75% identified with ‘Trump syndrome’

3/4 of top managers in Germany’s executive suite show distinctive narcissistic traits in their personality. They permanently put themselves in the limelight – like Donald Trump, US presidential candidate.

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// 06.09.2016

Press release 09/2016: German companies lack "bullheads"

87 percent of German leaders demand to strengthen the personal skills of employees in the face of digitalization. This includes persistence, self-awareness, and judgment. These are the findings of the survey "Human Resources in the digital transformation" conducted by metaBeratung, a management and HR consulting company with focus on personality assessments. metaBeratung asked 100 executives across various industries in Germany.

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// 01.09.2016

metaBeratung continues growth course

Tessa Karcisky jointed the consulting team September 1 further strengthening metaBeratung digital assessment consulting practice.

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// 23.05.2016

metaBeratung: Digitalization as a self-experiment

Not only a relocation, but also a tranformational process with substantial changes concerning working forms is what engages metaBeratung presently. "Everybody is takting about digitalization and changing processes. We are experiencing them," says Dr. Rainer Neubauer, managing director of metaBeratung and talks about the project's development.

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// 20.05.2016

Hogan's HPI turns 3...Million!

Hogan Assessment Systems has the status of innovator of online personality assessments. Now a new record was broken.

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// 08.03.2016

New report from Corporate Research Forum available: “Assessing Potential”

Organizations have been assessing and developing potential with varying degrees of success.

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// 12.01.2016

New: Cooperation with Corporate Research Forum

metaBeratung is now a member of the corporate research forum. Meet us at the CRF-event on January 28 in Brussels.

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// 01.01.2016

metaBeratung strengthens its team

In 2016 the international consulting company continues to grow

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// 29.10.2015

Neue Unterskalen im Risikobericht

Lernen Sie die Unterskalen im Risikobericht kennen und bieten Sie einen Mehrwert in Feedbacks und Coachings

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// 14.09.2015

viasto & metaBeratung in a Team

What a delight: viasto and metaBeratung are working together from now on. The benefit for you? You have the opportunity, to use asynchronous interviews in combination with our Hogan personality assessments - for precise recruiting.

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// 11.09.2015

We are excited about our new partnership with ICF Germany

From now on metaBeratung is a partner of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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// 06.07.2015

Power can corrupt and you'll eventually be found out - Leadership Lessons from Sepp Blatter

Reputation matters, Character is fate and Leadership is an ugly game. What else are key take aways in Leadership from Sepp Blatter? Hogan's CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic takes a look.

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// 23.06.2015

Coaching in the context of tomorrow

This was the slogan of this year's ICF Summer University 2015 in Munich and Christopher Rosenthal, consultant at metaBeratung was there. Here's a quick review:

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// 09.06.2015

Our expertise in Assessment und Development Centers

metaBeratung offers assessment and development centers to support your selection and development process. We solely use diagnostic methods which have a solid psychological foundation and provide a substantial contribution to your selection decisions. We arrange for a transparent and fair environment in which all participants are treated with appreciation.

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// 09.06.2015

Our company profile, news & events on HR Today

HR Today offers News and Services around Human Resources in Switzerland and combines current trends with deep research. As of June 2015, you will find current events, trainings and our company profile here.

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