Book 'Agile Leadership'

Puckett, S. & Neubauer, R. M. (2018). Agiles Führen - Führungskompetenzen für die agile Transformation. Göttingen: BusinessVillage.

Digital transformation, agile leadership, new work- buzzwords, most of our clients need to deal with. Their pressure to act is high, just as their insecurity which made us wonder why. Most executives and HR departments we are working with are very experienced and qualified. Where does this insecurity originate? Of course, many things have changed, but where lies the actual problem? Big words, a comparative glimpse to Silicon Valley, fear to be ‘outdated’ and lastly the ‘agile hype’.

What we really need is something tangible. What are today’s requirements and why are they important? How can we face them in an agile way? Which competencies does an agile executive need and how can they be developed? Must I transform my organization? If so, how?

Our book delivers a clear hands-on guide that supports everyone in becoming an agile leader by building on what they already have: Their experiences and strengths.

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The first two chapters take you straight into the maelstrom of digital transformation. An interesting pace is conveyed by the writing style. The change of precise descriptions of phenomena and terms, practical questions and vivid examples from the economy, makes the reading insightful and entertaining. After the first chapter I had a much clearer idea of digital transformation. The questions and thoughts that arose during the first chapter were then answered in the second.

Of course, as a passionate diagnostician, chapters 4 and 5 were the highlight for me. The HAVE model appealed to me because of its conceptual consistency and balance. In my opinion, the basis of "classical" leadership competencies is well-founded as it seamlessly combines what has proven itself in management diagnostics with the model of agile leadership in a new constellation and weighting. What I found remarkable in these two chapters was the differentiation and clarity of the language, which is simply required for professional diagnostics. Personally, I found the 7th chapter on personality was also coherently integrated into the concept of the agile manager. I then read the more implementation-related chapters a little faster, nonetheless saw that there are a lot of practical tips and assistance if you approach the topic of agile leadership as a manager in concrete terms.

Andreas Melcher, Zurich


Agile leadership is one of the fashionable topics dominating the discussions of the business community. However, I myself find many of the contributions seem to be too superficial and not practical enough, in other words: hardly well-founded.

The new book by Puckett and Neubauer seemed to have a much higher standard here. And indeed: I can warmly recommend the book! Here, agile leadership is scientifically founded, worked through comprehensibly and offers many new impulses. The corresponding competence model is practice-oriented and helpful, it supports me very concretely in the HR area. Well done!

Fredy Diener, Senior Consultant at BridgeStep, Zurich, Switzerland