Article F.A.Z.: 'Rediscovering tomorrow's talents'

Artikel F.A.Z.

Puckett, S. (2018). Talente von Morgen neu entdecken – Wie lassen sich Talente und Potenzialträger für die agile Transformation erkennen. F.A.Z. Personaljournal Sonderausgabe Talentmanagement, published on 19.09.2018, online.

If organizations want to become sustainable, talent management must be re-thought as well. The HAVE model of agile leadership shows how a framework model for identifying and selecting talents for the future works.

'Why is it so difficult for large, well-established companies to stand their ground in quickly changing markets? Why are start-ups able to surpass these companies out of nowhere? Because those start-ups work agile.' 

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