Interview Handelsblatt: 'Agile Leadership in digital transformation'

Interview Handelsblatt

Interview with: Dr. Stefanie Puckett über Führungskompetenzen in Zeiten der digitalen Transformation. Handelsblatt Fachmedien, Rethinking Finance, 1-2019, S. 58-62.

An interview between Prof. Dr. Mike Schulze and Dr. Stefanie Puckett about agile leadership in digital transformation and their implications for the financial sector.

Why do you need an agile leadership and organizational change especially in times of digitization? How can companies set the course for digital transformation? What are the implications for changing the business model? What consequences does this entail for a leadership position in times of digital transformation? How should "agile" leaders best position their company and motivate employees? Where specifically can a company start?