Shaping corporate culture using the Eigenland Method


Strategy development workshop with Eigenland® 

Is your company in the middle of or facing a change process? Are you dealing with topics such as strategy development, innovation, teamwork, competitor analysis, or are you in need of a corporate strategy? But you don't know where to start? The workshop on strategy development with Eigenland Intuitive Analyses is an innovative mix of workshop and think tank. A new format to design development and change processes in companies with a lasting effect.

How does the Eigenland® Strategy Development Workshop work?

The new workshop format combines playful, multi-sensor, digital and intuitive elements. The workshop treats topics, companies or teams as islands: undiscovered areas and hidden treasures on this island are “discovered” together. Each participant works with an on a plan depicting an island.

In the first part of the workshop, the participants are asked for their opinion on prepared topics. These are placed on the game plan and evaluated by each participant – in a very intuitive and playful manner. This is accomplished with so-called natural resources (e.g. tar stands for “not applicable” and gold for “completely applies”) which the participants place down simultaneously without showing the others and, in a first step, without discussing or asking questions. This avoids group dynamics effects and opinion leadership, as observed in some rounds of discussions. Each participant has a vote that counts. All votes are absolutely equal. This promotes each participant’s willingness to change and to be creative. The game leader takes down the results on the vote on each topic in the Eigenland® app and moves on to the next topic. At the end, all topics are combined in an overall evaluation at the touch of a button.

In the second game phase, the result reports are printed and distributed to all participants for discussion. The participants can clearly see where the group agreed and where there are differences in the evaluation of the topics – paving the way for a valuable exchange. The game leader helps the participants navigate the various topics and evaluate the expressed views: Is there hidden potential? Are there any quick wins? Since all participants are equal, internal commitment and individual creative drive are promoted.

Advantages compared with other workshop formats

Eigenland® is not a game. It is an effective and entertaining method for solving important and urgent topics in a playful manner. Today, many employees suffer from “workshop fatigue”: Endlessly long discussions with always the same people taking the floor, while others simply bide their time until they can leave. This is neither effective, not does it lead to any sustainable results. It also reduces the employees’ motivation.

Eigenland® helps to quickly and playfully make decisions across hierarchies. The playful element arouses emotions that help all participants to open up and share their opinion. Often, employees are not included in decision-making, even though they could best assess how to solve problems. The Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® also shows action taken by those who would never voice their opinion in an open discussion this clearly. In this way, the format draws on the unconscious knowledge base and intuitive experiences of all participants. It speaks to all senses, taking a creative path to success. The Eigenland® method allows for intuition without switching off your mind.

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The Eigenland Method allows you and your team to gain access to challenging topics and to optimize internal processes. You will determine the topic of the workshop and, in the end, receive concrete information to optimization potential within your company.

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