We support you in successfully developing your employees


Outstanding talent management also includes promoting and developing employees. We are happy to advise you throughout the complete employee lifecycle.

Development of junior executives

Developing talented employees into executives is a worthwhile challenge for companies. We support you in finding suitable candidates, helping you with personnel diagnostics, i.e. we offer an orientation on what makes an individual employee special. For this purpose, we use various instruments and techniques, such as the Hogan personality tests or development centers.

In times of digitization it is also important to identify so-called disruptive talents. But what exactly does disruptive refer to? Disrupting talents or employees know how to break through and to rethink existing processes. There is great number of processes that are replaced or changed by artificial intelligence or digital processes – it’s obvious that the way of working in a company also has to change. Strategic self-reflection in particular enables an objectively substantiated standpoint. Insights into one’s own strengths and weaknesses, but also reflecting on what drives and fulfils a person can help to better understand and purposefully choose your own career path.

Insight Potential Report

The Insight HPI measures normal personality and describes performance in the workplace. This report describes how a person manages stress, interacts with others, approaches work tasks, and solves problems. This easy-to-understand report gives HR staff as well as employees valuable insights for their (own) personal and professional development. This report also provides discussion points for developmental feedback.

Insight potential

Insight Challenges Report

The Insight HDS report describes 11 forms of interpersonal behavior that show up when a person is stressed, bored, or fatigued. This can affect relationships, reputation and thus diminish career prospects. The report helps understand performance limitation. The discussion points build the candidate’s self-awareness and may support feedback sessions. The person learns behavioral tendencies of which he/she may be unaware.

Insight Challenges report

Insight Values Report

The report describes a person’s core values, goals and interests. The results show, in which organizational culture the person feels most comfortable and in which job he/she will be most satisfied. If individuals work in organizations that are consistent with their values, they are usually more satisfied and perform more effectively. The included discussion points build self-awareness and support the feedback session.

Insight Values

Insight Package (Potential, Challenges, Values) incl. Flash

The Hogan Insight Package evaluates the suitability of applicants and candidates for vacant positions based on the HPI, HDS and MVPI core assessments. This package includes a complete recruitment test, including the evaluation of candidates’ potentials, values and risks. 

Insight Package plus flash report

Career Compass

The Hogan Career Compass describes the job-related meaning of a person’s values, goals and interests, and interprets their meaning with regard to career planning.

Career compass

Career Potential Report

By evaluating these features with the Hogan Career Potential Report using your own example, you are objectively shown your own strengths and weaknesses – the ideal basis for making use of existing opportunities or introducing positive change.

Career potential report