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Leadership 4.0 means agile leadership – Are you an agile leader? Successful leadership... more
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Leadership 4.0 means agile leadership – Are you an agile leader?

Successful leadership requires a specific skill set and competencies that meet today’s challenges. For a long time, skills such as consistency, stability, integrity and charisma were referred to as the most important cornerstones of successful leadership. However, the rapid changes occurring in today’s business environment call for a rethinking. To find out which skills are required nowadays, metaBeratung and the IMD Business School carried out a study at the beginning of 2017, questioning more than 1,000 international executives. As a result, four distinctive competencies and three key modes of behavior for agile leadership or agile leaders were identified. Leadership 4.0 means navigating digital change and taking advantage of these rapid changes. The Agile Leader Report combines this new leadership model with Hogan’s scientifically valid assessment suite.

Who is this report suited for?

Are you and your organization facing the challenge of digital change? You are an executive and would like to know whether you are ready for the challenges of Leadership 4.0? Then use the Agile Leader Report to analyze your current conditions and set the path for successful leadership in the future.

The Agile Leader Report is particularly suitable for leadership development and is not suitable for selection.

Test your potential for agile leadership – Assessment contents

The Agile Leader Report examines the following skills:

  1. Modesty regarding knowledge: Agile leaders are better than non-agile leaders at accepting the fact that others know more than they do. Agile leaders take advantage of this awareness to build effective teams.
  2. Adaptability: Agile leaders also deal well with the fact that change is the only constant. Leadership 4.0 means adapting opinions to new situations and seeing this as a strength, not as a weakness.
  3. Visionary: Agile leadership means planning visions in the long run and constantly keeping up with them – also in light of short-term uncertainties.
  4. Commitment: Agile leaders communicate more with internal and external stakeholders than non-agile leaders. They listen and ask questions rather than talking themselves. They are extremely curious and very interested in new trends.

Furthermore, the Agile Leader Report identifies your potential when it comes to the following key modes of behavior characterizing agile leadership:

  1. How do you perceive your environment (hyper awareness)? Agile leadership means scanning the environment (internal and external) for opportunities and threats.
  2. How do you arrive at making decisions? Leadership 4.0 means using data and information to make evidence-based and informed decisions.
  3. How quickly do you act? Agile leadership means to be able to “move” quickly. Speed clearly trumps perfection.


Structure of the result report

After a short introduction, you will receive a clearly laid-out one-page report with your overall results. The chart with your results identifies your potentials, but also possible risk areas. Subsequently, the report clarifies each of the highlighted competencies and modes of behavior on a separate page. After presenting your individual results in this area, you are given specific guidance on what kind of behavior to avoid, what to focus on and what to pursue. If you have an increased risk in a particular area, the report will point this out separately. In this way, you receive individual recommendations for your development on the path to becoming a successful agile leader.

Agile Leader Sample report

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