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The Agile Leader 360° Feedback for leaders systematically evaluates agile competencies and... more
Product information "Agile Leader 360° report"

The Agile Leader 360° Feedback for leaders systematically evaluates agile competencies and leadership behavior from different perspectives. Based on a self-assessment of the leader and external assessments by employees, superiors, colleagues and team members, a 360° panoramic view of the leader and his or her competencies in terms of agility is obtained.

The Agile Leader 360 is designed to help leaders at every level of an organization to gain a better understanding of how they are really perceived by others and thereby improve their agile leadership potential.

The Agile Leader 360 measures a leader based on the competencies of the Agile Leader: humility, adaptability, engagement and visionary, and the behaviors: hyper-aware, making informed decisions and executing at speed.

HAVE-Model of agile leadership

Advantages of the Agile Leader 360°Feedback

The Agile Leader 360° Report enables anonymous questioning and feedback from up to four groups of people - e.g. supervisors, colleagues and employees. These unbiased results provide a clear indication of the leadership quality and reputation of the respective leader.

The feedback offers a leader the opportunity to become aware of his or her strengths, but also of the potential for improvement. Thus the evaluation can be a personally enriching experience.

But the report does not stop at the status quo: it also provides space for a compact development plan to actively shape the behavior of the individual - and thus ultimately to further develop the leadership culture within the company.

Who is this report suited for? 

Are you and your organization facing the challenge of digital change? You are an executive and would like to know whether you are ready for the challenges of Leadership 4.0? Then use the Agile Leader 360° Report to analyze your current conditions and set the path for successful leadership in the future.

Differentiated feedback through the allocation of points

For a precise evaluation, this 360° leader feedback uses a seven-level rating scale. This enables employees, supervisors and others to formulate their feedback precisely. The scale ranges from "1" for "does not describe this person at all" to "7" for "describes this person exactly".

Then the individual evaluations of the feedback providers are added up in relation to each individual aspect. In this way, above- and below-average ratings crystallize in total - and thus existing strengths on the one hand and previously unused potential on the other.

The quantitative scales are supplemented by qualitative statements from the feedback providers regarding the strengths and improvement potential of the leader. 

Agile Leader 360° sample report

Get a first impression of feedback on agile leadership quality with the Agile Leader 360° Report.

Sample report Agile Leader 360

Agile Leader 360 brochure


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Target group: Junior executives, Middle management, Top Level Executive

Agile Leader 360° Musterbericht

Verschaffen Sie sich einen ersten Eindruck über Feedback zur agilen Führungsqualität mit dem Agile Leader 360° Report.

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