Creating the perfect teams based on personality


Team development

When it comes to talent management, putting together the perfect team is just as important as developing individual employees. In this area we also support you with diagnostic tools that analyze the role of each individual team member, offering specific as well as individual information on similarities or differences between individuals and the team.

Developing specific competences is becoming more and more important, especially with regard to the growing challenges teams are faced with due to digitization. Companies must be capable of agile work in order to adapt to quickly changing markets. Agility in teams is an important factor in this respect. We offer individual and personal advice on the competences and behavior patterns vital to your team.

A first impression

For one of our clients, we implemented a new team platform for employee development. How can we help you develop your employees?

LVI Team Report

Describing leadership behavior in the team. Focus: Analysis and development of teams at team behavior level, i.e. behavior that is “too strong”, “exactly right” or “insufficient” (max. 15 participants).

Team report LVI on versatility (360 degree method)

The Agile Leader Team Report

The Agile Leader Team Report shows in how far individual team members display agile competences and behavior, and in how far a team can be referred to as agile. Agility within companies is not only promoted by leading employees, but also by agile teams.

Hogan Team Report

Focus: Analysis and development of teams (maximum 20 people). Development information: General recommendations aimed at the entire team and based on the Hogan results; as continuous text. Optional references to the results of individual team members. Certification recommended.

Hogan Team report