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This is how Insight Challenges forecasts behavior The Insight risk report uses the Hogan... more
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This is how Insight Challenges forecasts behavior

The Insight risk report uses the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) to forecast behavior that may be risky for a person’s career. The report identifies eleven behavior patterns that may lead to conflict, especially in extreme work-related situations. This includes stress due to increased workload, but also extreme boredom. The risk behavior not only affects business decisions, but also interpersonal dealings.

  • Increased and moderate HDS values can represent strengths. However, in the case of overburdening, relationships with other employees may be disturbed and careers may be derailed.
  • People with low HDS values generally have less problems at work. On the other hand, this kind of result points to untapped strengths, which should be focused on.

Advantages of the risk analysis

Employees and executives who know their limits generally have more successful careers. This report highlights risky behavioral tendencies, which the participants may not have been aware of. The points for discussion for each risk included in the evaluation promote self-reflection and provide support in performance reviews.

Target groups

HR department and employee development professionals. You can purchase Insight Challenges directly online. It can only be purchased with a prior certification.

Statement examples from the assessment

  • I’m a risk taker.
  • I often ask other people for help.
  • Others find me entertaining.
  • I like to make a schedule and stick to it

See the sample report on risk behavior

Use the sample report to get a first impression on the evaluation of behavioral risks before purchasing Insight Challenges.

Download sample report

This is how the evaluation works

The behavior in extreme work-related situations is evaluated in eleven different scales. As an example: If a candidate achieves a low value on the “Caution” scale, he or she may be overly confident when it comes to making risky decisions. On the other hand, a high result points to a very conservative, risk-averse behavior.

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Target group: Employees, Junior executives, Middle management, Team management
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