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Online potential analysis for selection and development

The Insight HPI report by Hogan evaluates an executive’s behavior in normal, work-related situations based on the HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory) online assessment. It provides you with valuable information on a candidate’s strengths and helps you determine areas for improvement when it comes to applications and employee development.

Target groups for the HPI

The Insight HPI report is intended for the potential analysis of intermediate-level employees and executives in particular, and is aimed at HR managers. Order Insight HPI online and use it without certification.

Easily understandable evaluation – with detailed scales

The Hogan Insight HPI report boils complex information down to an essence – with a clear presentation and logical structure.

The report starts with an exact definition of the seven HPI scales. The main part includes a detailed evaluation of the individual HPI dimensions. You will receive the following information, one page for each scale:

  • A graphical representation of the percentage rank value for a quick overview or to efficiently compare several employees or applications and their potentials.
  • A detailed description of the strengths and potentials, pointing out areas for improvement and listing points for discussion with regard to feedback on development.

What kind of potential is measured?

The report uses the results of the HPI online test to create a potential analysis in the seven HPI primary scales and six work-related scales. As an example, the analysis refers to how the person deals with stress, interacts with others, approaches tasks or solves problems. All in all, the report provides a very differentiated measurement of a person’s personality or performance at work.

Properly understanding the potential analysis with percentage ranks

The percentage rank value provides a quick overview for classifying candidates or employees. The potential is categorized as follows:

  • 0 - 25%: low
  • 26 - 50%: below average
  • 51 - 75%: above average
  • from 76%: high

However, higher values do not have to be better by all means, as they represent different strengths and weaknesses. By interpreting HPI values in relation to the respective role and position, the personality traits are either classified as strengths or as areas for potential development.

Statement examples from the assessment

  • I work well with others.
  • I’m ambitious.
  • I love variety in life.
  • I remain calm even with critical statements.

Sample report Hogan Insight Potential

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Target group: Apprentices/Interns, Employees, Junior executives, Middle management, Team management, Teams, Top Level Executive
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