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entire selection process

Selection advice

In times of a skills shortage, the recruitment of suitable employees is a particular challenge. The right selection of personnel has a direct impact on the success and dynamic of the company. This makes it all the more important to find suitable candidates for an open position. This is a challenge that not only small and medium-sized companies have to face, but also well-known corporations.

Especially in the search for so-called 'high potentials', it becomes clear that previous selection procedures such as the classic job interview have had their day. Rather it is important to use objective procedures, which evaluate personality and efficiency with the occupation of a position and not subjective feelings such as sympathy or network.

In this process we support you quickly and reliably - from the creation of a meaningful requirement profile to the selection decision. This enables you to make targeted use of our expert knowledge and minimise the risk of an incorrect appointment.

We support you in your entire selection process and, if you wish, we can also take over parts of it completely. Here you can rely both on the scientific procedures we use and on our many years of experience and expertise. You receive an objectively sound basis for your personnel decisions as well as personal support. If you wish, we can also set up an individual landing page for your selection process. Here you can inform applicants in advance about your procedure and manage your applications via this website.

Our selection advice consists of five blocks:

selection process
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