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360-Degree Feedback

360-Degree Feedback: Effective method for the assessment of management behavior

In 360-Degree Feedback, the competencies and behavior of managers are illuminated from various perspectives. This uses questionnaires that are completed anonymously by colleagues and supervisors, team members and/or customers and summed up in an external image. This is then compared with the manager's self-rating (self-evaluation). Summarized, the outcome is a 360-degree view of the manager's behaviour.

Comparison of self-image and external image

Comparing the self-image and external image – the "all-round image" – in the 360-degree feedback is an excellent method of assessing the feedback-receiver's performances and behaviors. Based on the results of the 360-Degree Feedback, our consultants carry out feedback meetings and then prepare specific practical development plans for potential programmes, follow-on programmes and individual coaching. Managers can use 360-Degree Feedback to specifically improve their efficiency and success.

For the 360-Degree Feedback, metaBeratung offers and uses a variety of instruments depending on the objective and requirements:


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