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180-Degree Feedback: The Engaging Leader Report

Engagement and motivation are the best diagnostic indicators of potential and the economic commitment and well-being of an organization and a team. A manager's behavior directly affects a team's motivation and engagement, which in turn affects the team's performance and long-term success. This has also been confirmed by numerous studies.

The advantages

The Engaging Leader Report by Hogan Assessment Systems and Sirota summarizes the results of an individual's strengths, risks and values with 180-Degree Feedback. The feedback enables managers to understand how their personality influences the team's engagement, and to utilize the feedback specifically to change behaviors. To this end, we combine the Hogan online assessments with 180-Degree Feedback, and support the manager in reinforcing the behavior required for the team's engagement and motivation. In the 180-Degree Feedback method, for instance, only a manager's colleagues are involved and asked to provide feedback (anonymously).

At metaBeratung, our consultants carry out all the services for you, from administration to the feedback meeting based on the Engaging Leader Report. In particular, the personal feedback meetings help managers to derive specific recommended actions for their leadership role in order to increase the team's motivation for the long-term.

The target groups:

We recommend the Engaging Leader Report for executives who has a high level of interaction with others, and who needs to deal with a high complexity of different tasks. With regard to the new challenges that face managers – key word digitalization and Work 4.0 – in particular, the Engaging Leader Report offers a manager very good development information. You get a first impression with the sample report here.


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