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Leadership Versatility Index (LVI)

360-Degree with the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI)

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) by Kaiser Leadership Solution is a patented 360-degree tool that is used to observe managers in the 360-Degree Feedback method. The managers assess themselves, and are also assessed by up to five other groups of people (supervisors / colleagues / customers) in order achieve an all-round impression (360 degrees).

The 360-degree LVI offers the following advantages:

  • Rating scale that indicates when a strength is overused and becomes a risk.
  • Compact behavior model that reflects tensions and tension equalizations in balanced management behavior.
  • Balanced mix of quantitative feedback and qualitative written feedback that gives a clear and convincing message.
  • Fundamental learning and development model that combines the external change in behavior with the internal change in thinking.
  • Research program into the demonstration of reliability and validity on the predictability of staff commitment, team performance and efficiency.

If you would like to use the 360-Degree with LVI, we suggest achieving certification first.

We recommend the 360-Degree with LVI in addition to the Hogan Personality Test to measure management behavior. The 360-Degree LVI is used to develop individuals with management responsibility. The 360-Degree LVI is ideal for people who have initial management experience, team leaders and managers who run projects with freelance staff or pools of experts. 360-Degree Feedback provides the individual with specific feedback of which behaviors are seen too much, just right or not enough in their management.

Our consultants will support you in the administration of the 360-Degree Feedback LVI, and also offer feedback meetings based on the results of the 360-Degree Feedback LVI. This makes it possible to use the 360-Degree Feedback LVI independently in your company after certification: from administration to the feedback meeting. Get a first impression and read the sample report here.

LVI Certification

Learn to interpret the LVI and its reports -  with our online certification.

Read more about it here.


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