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Assessment Center

Assessment Center: effective process for personnel selection and development

An Assessment Center is an effective method for personnel selection in which you identify the applicants who are the best matches for the specific requirements of a vacancy.

An Assessment Center is not a standard solution. Each of our Assessment Centers is adapted individually to your company's specific requirements, and developed and implement with the co-operation of HR and the managers. The concept is consistently aligned to DIN 33430. A proven composition of psychologically-based Assessment Center exercises and the integration of various perspectives enable us to meet reliable statements with regard to the candidates' suitability and possible areas of development.

Our team of psychologists has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and execution of Assessment Centers. We will be pleased to develop the absolutely precise Assessment Center design for you.

In the event of high numbers of applicants, for instance for trainee positions, we also advise making a pre-selection. Online personality tests, possibly in combination with time-delayed video interviews, are ideal for this. You will save time and be able to check details such as the applicants' relevant expertise in advance. In the next step, they will be invited to an Assessment Center.

We offer:

Single Assessment Center (Management Audits)

Group Assessment Center

Development Center


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