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Coaching: Effective tool for further development

Coaching managers or high potentials is one of the best investments for companies for effectively further developing leadership qualities. metaBeratung follows a personality-based approach in coaching. Managers receive individual feedback and tailor-made support to balance your values and skills with the company's values and visions.

Our coaching process:

  • Objective location determination: carrying out personality tests
  • Self-image/ external image analysis: evaluation of leadership behavior with the 360-Degree method
  • Feedback: Personal meeting to discuss the results and development options
  • Three-way talk between the manager, their direct superior and the coach
  • Coaching sessions: Personal coaching at regular intervals to check the defined goals
  • On request: Renewed self-image/ external image analysis to measure progress
  • Closing meeting to adapt the development plan (if required), define the next steps and then provide concluding feedback

The duration of the coaching process is individual, and is defined together. metaBeratung follows the self-awareness approach among participants in the coaching process.

Your benefits:

  • Further your understanding of leadership.
  • Reinforce your position within the company.
  • Influence and change your work results with more influential and more convincing approaches.
  • Learn how to use your leadership qualities, personality traits and experience most effectively.
  • Increase your personal willingness to change, because your strengths of today will not guarantee your success tomorrow.
  • Develop all the relevant skills to guide and de-escalate potential conflicts.

In our coaching process, we use Hogan Assessments tools and reports and the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) of Kaiser Leadership Solutions.

Coaching as part of a corporate succession

Our team of consultants coached a future managing director of a family-owned business in his new role. He wanted to get ready for the upcoming role and has requested our team of consultants for coaching. The following case study (in german) shows how intensive, practical and effective these coaching sessions with metaBeratung are. It demonstrates our coaching approach integrating results of the Hogan assessments and 360° feedback instrument as well as aligning demands, role and responsibilities of the coachee.


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