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Be more successful, when your job fits to your personality

Develop your very personal career

metaBeratung not only supports HR departments and organizations with their talent development, the company also helps you with your very personal career plans. And you don't have to purchase any consulting services from us for it. We provide you with self-service reports that are easy to understand and can be used without prior Hogan certification. They contain practical development information and individual recommendations – everything you need, in fact, to set your career on a successful base.

Before any success comes self-knowledge

The key to success lies in strategic self-knowledge. Only if you know what "makes you tick" and why you demonstrate certain behaviors in certain situations will you be able to understand why your behavior is sometimes counter-productive. And only if you recognize behavior that is harmful to your career will you be able to change or stop it. The key here is the difference between self-image and external image (reputation).
From our wealth of experience in advising staff, managers or teams, we know that lots of people describe themselves, for instance, as ambitious and confident. Often, though, they do not realize that other people can see this as arrogant and excessive. So someone like this will find it difficult to convince others of measures and objectives, and will often find themselves facing resistance. Once they are aware of their reputation, though, they can adapt their behavior accordingly and increase its effect.

Hogam Assessments is leading in online Assessments

Hogan Assessments offers practical support and detailed reports to suit any occasion and stage in your career. Learn your strengths or basic values, find out what kind of decision-making type you are, or how you can improve your management style. Lay the foundation stones for a successful career.

No Hogan certification is required for understanding or interpreting the following reports.

Matrigma - The classic IQ Test, professional and detailed

Logo of the matrigma intelligence test

Matrigma is a classic and scientifically validated intelligence test. It measures your cognitive skills, i.e. your ability to solve problems, think ahead, and draw logical conclusions. The tasks need to be completed in 45 minutes.

Cost: € 59.50 or CHF 54.-  

Download sample Matrigma Results Report (PDF)

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Career Potential – Find out where your talents lie

Grey Logo of the Hogan Career Report by Hogan

This report describes your strengths and weaknesses, and shows you how you behave in different situations. You will also find out what you can improve in order to positively influence your career.

Cost: € 107.10 or CHF 97.20  

Download sample Career Potential report (PDF)

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Career compass – Which is the job for me?

Logo of the Hogan compass report in grey

Your values determine your identity. No matter how talented you are, if your values do not suit the requirements of your chosen profession, you will not be successful or happy. Which values drive you? This report will show you.

Cost: € 107.10 or CHF 97.20

Download sample Career Compass report (PDF)

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Candidate Summary Report - Your strengths, challenges and values

Logo of the Hogan Summary Report

This summary bundles your individual strengths and challenges, values and possible risk behaviors in stress situations. The report contains statements on career aspirations and development recommendations.

Cost: € 178.50 or CHF 162.-  

Download sample Summary Report (PDF)

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Judgment - Optimize your decision-making style

Grey Logo of the Judgment Report by Hogan

What decision-making type are you? Do you base your decisions on experience? This report reveals how you make decisions and how you respond to feedback. The report will help you to make better and faster decisions in the future.

Cost: € 178.50 or CHF 162.-

Download sample Judgment Report (PDF)

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High Potential Talent - Optimize your management style

The picture shows the teaser for the high potential report

This report will help you to identify your management style. It highlights your strengths, but also reveals your potential for optimization. The report contains individual development information for you as a manager.

Cost: € 357.- or CHF 324.-  

Download sample HiPo Talent Report (PDF)

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