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Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® Intuitive Analyses

Is your company going through a change process or getting ready for one? Are you dealing with topics such as strategy development, innovation, teamwork and competitive analysis, or are you searching for a corporate strategy – and you don’t know where to start? The Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® Intuitive Analyses is an innovative combination of a workshop and a think tank. An entirely new format to shape development and change processes in companies for the long run.

Strategy development with the Eigenland® workshop

How does the Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® work?

The new workshop format combines entertaining, multi-sensory, digital and intuitive elements. In the workshop, topics, companies or teams are represented by an island. There are areas that have not yet been discovered and hidden treasures for the participants to reveal together. Using this metaphor, the Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® lets its participants work on and with a map of this “island”.

Strategy development workshop by Eigenland®

During the first part of the workshop, the participants are asked to give their opinion on certain assumptions. The assumptions are placed on the map for each of the participants to evaluate. Following this intuitive and playful approach, they use “natural resources” (for example, tar stands for “not accurate” and gold for “completely accurate”) which each of the participants places face down on the map at the same time, without discussing or asking questions. In this way, group dynamics and opinion leadership – as they can often be observed during discussions – are stopped in their tracks. Each of the participants has a vote that counts. All of the votes are equally significant. This encourages the participants’ readiness for change and creative drive. The administrator notes the result of the vote on each topic in the Eigenland® app and moves on to the next. In the end, all topics are combined in an overall evaluation with the push of a button.

Methods for strategy development

In the second phase of the game, the result reports are printed and distributed to all participants for discussion. The participants are shown which assumptions the group agrees on and where their opinion differs: a breeding ground for valuable exchange. The administrator helps the participants to navigate through the various topics and to evaluate the different views: Where are the hidden potentials? What are the quick wins? Since all participants are equal members of the group, individual commitment and creative drive are promoted.

Advantages over other workshop formats

Playful strategy development with Eigenland

Eigenland® is not a game. It’s an effective and enjoyable method to resolve important and urgent topics in a playful way. Nowadays, there is a certain workshop fatigue among many employees: Never-ending discussions that go on for hours with always the same people speaking up and others just waiting for it to be over. This is not effective and does not lead to a sustainable outcome. Also, the employees become less and less motivated.

Eigenland® helps to make decisions across hierarchies in a quick and entertaining way. The playful component draws on emotions that help the participants to open up and share their opinion. Often employees that are the most suited to make the best decisions on how to solve a problem are not included. The Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® also gives a voice to participants who would otherwise never state their opinion so clearly in an open discussion. The format takes advantage of the unconscious knowledge and intuitive experience of all participants. It speaks to all the senses and takes a creative path to achieving goals. The Eigenland® method combines both intuition and rationality.

Is the Strategy Development Workshop by Eigenland® right for you?

  • Would you like to obtain cross-hierarchy opinions on specific topics or processes in your company?.
  • Would you like to develop measures and solutions as well as measurable change processes?
  • Would you like to unearth and access unvoiced and untapped knowledge of your employees?
  • Would you like to try a new workshop format and combine gamification with effective results?

    Who can participate?

    All – new or existing – teams with a maximum of 12 members can take part. This workshop is suited for employees and/or executives. Eigenland® focuses on the diversity of opinions and therefore on the diversity of the participants.

    How long does the workshop take?

    The Eigenland® workshop can be designed according to your individual needs. However, it never takes longer than a day.

    Swen Heidenreich - Coach for the Eigenland® Workshop
    Swen Heidenreich

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