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Management development at IMD Lausanne

IMD Lausanne is a high-caliber business school, and the leading address for management development. Its open, customized programmes make IMD Lausanne the world’s no. 1 business school, an accolade that is confirmed every year by the "Financial Times". It researches and teaches instruments that help organizations to cope with their current challenges. The IMD programmes and services at the campuses in Lausanne, Switzerland and the Executive Learning Center in Singapore combine practical experience, “Thought leadership” and global thinking.

•	IMD Lausanne is regularly rated as one of the best business schools in the world.

metaBeratung is the official partner to IMD Lausanne in Germany

•	IMD Lausanne - the address for management development and manager seminars

metaBeratung is a partner to the IMD Lausanne, and its portfolio includes the management development programmes. Our consultants will be pleased to discuss your individual goals, and work with you to develop your individual training programmes at one of the world’s most renowned business schools. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you, and are sending you our information material at absolutely no obligation to yourselves. Your very personal requirements and wishes are important factors when choosing the right IMD programmes, as are your individual development areas, which we can establish from a Hogan Personality Test. We guarantee a seamless consultation, and are always open to your personal wishes.

Manager seminars on the highest level

•	The manager seminars offered by IMD Lausanne frequently win awards

The programmes for management development at the IMD Lausanne are usually held on the campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, but they do also take place at the Executive Learning Center in Singapore and other locations in the world. All IMD programmes and services focus on the current and individual challenges that today’s managers face. That is why it is extremely important that the participants and clients – individuals, teams and organizations – work together closely. Acute problems can only be established and the corresponding programmes individually tailored in a close dialogue. Keys to success are areas of general knowledge such as strategy development, leadership and digital business transformation, but it is also important that the programmes are aimed specifically at individual corporate issues.

Global networks as IMD alumni

IMD Lausanne is far from being a typical academic institution; rather, it follows a practical approach that creates permanent values and effects. As a participant, you will benefit from the unique IMD alumni network that covers the world but is tightly knit. In a closely linked, complex business environment, IMD Lausanne supports all its alumni with a strong professional network that remains with them throughout their whole careers.

•	Management development on the highest level - IMD Lausanne

Invest in your future - Executive development with IMD Lausanne

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Easily and online: web-based IMD training

Global Leadership in the Cloud

11 online programs for successful training.

Building on Talent - the trainign for young executives

Building on Talent

Perfectly prepares junior executives and HiPos for the next step in their career.

Seminar digitale transformation - how to overcome the stage of digitalization in your company successfully

Leading Digital Business Transformation

Bring your innovations up to speed to be prepared for digital transformation.

Strategies for Leadership is specifically for women in leading positions

Strategies for Leadership

Supports women in senior positions – for even greater success and more self-confidence.

OWP Orchastrating Winning Performance

Orchestrating Winning Performance

Customized training program for individuals and teams

This programs objective is to build effective leadership.

Mobilizing People (Leading with impact)

Seminar based on the three leadership principles of “experience”, “self-awareness” and “change starts with me”.

Develop growth strategies and operate in your change management successfully

Breakthrough program for senior executives

The seminar supports your strategic management skills and promotes strategic thinking.

Training for strategic management

Advanced Strategic Management

Learn how you should be thinking – not what you should be thinking – when it comes to creating a strategic development plan.


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