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Learning strategic thinking – Advanced Strategic Management

Developing and implementing new and fresh ideas for a company’s success requires a structured approach. As an executive you know your business activity like no other. You take strategic decisions on a daily basis. You decide on the direction to move in, you communicate this decision and define how to get there. The IMD seminar Strategic Thinking / Advanced Strategic Management teaches you how to make decisions on a fact basis and how you should be thinking – not what you should be thinking – in order to create a strategic development plan.

Program Agenda

The three-week strategic management seminar consists of three parts.

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Develop a strategic development plan for your organisation

Part 1 Creating contextual relevance

The first week of the program takes a bird’s eye perspective on the current events in the world. You will analyze volatile markets to better understand how your customers and competitors will behave throughout these radical changes. You will learn various possibilities that help you to meet the specific challenges of the future, starting by connecting strategy and leadership.

Part 2 Finding the right strategy

In the second week of the strategic management seminar you will take a closer look at your individual business context. You will start thinking strategically about business challenges and develop solutions. In addition, you will work on developing strategies with IMD professors and the other participants of the seminar, who contribute their own experiences and opinions. Finally, you learn how to motivate and win over employees for your ideas.

Part 3 Ready for implementation

During the third and last week of the seminar you will develop a solid plan for rolling out your strategies upon your return to the company. You will also continue working on convincing others, since you won’t be – and should not be – fighting for yourself. This also includes a strong communication strategy to motivate your team, providing it with all necessary information.

Who is it for?

The strategic thinking seminar is aimed at experienced executives, responsible for the development and implementation of business strategies. Usually participants include regional managers, division managers, group leaders, etc.


Costs for the seminar “Learning to think strategically”: CHF 28,000 (effective 2018). This includes the support for the program’s preparation and follow-up phase, the class materials and meals.


Duration: 3 weeks

  • September 25 - 28 (Lausanne)


Brochure: "Advanced Strategic Management"

Download here your IMD brochure for a detailed program information.

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