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Growth strategies for your company – Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives

Change management and leadership seminer at the IMD Lausanne

The biggest challenge for top executives or CEOs is to predict possibilities of expansion, i.e. the future of their company. Markets and industries are changing more and more rapidly and becoming more complex, or even disappear. Do you know how to successfully implement your current business model? Certainly. But do you also know how you can continue to successfully shape the future of your company? The organizational development seminar at IMD Lausanne helps you to translate your findings from the past into powerful ideas for the future, and to effectively prepare your company for this change process.

Program agenda

Develope growth strategy for your organisation at this seminar

The organizational development seminar “Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives” at IMD Lausanne is scheduled for 13 days (each at the Lausanne campus), and consists of two parts. During the first week you will identify what your company needs for a promising breakthrough. You will learn to see your business from a different perspective and with other eyes. This gives you the opportunity to develop new ideas for creating value, and to convert strategic findings to new business ideas. You will not only benefit from the many participants who reflect on your ideas, but also from individual coaching sessions before, during and after the program.

Who is it for?

The change management seminar is a program for high-level managers spearheading their company, e.g. board members, heads of department or managing directors who impact the core business of their organization and who are involved in business decisions. The change management seminar is one of the high-level programs at IMD Lausanne. The participants belong to the leading companies in their industry, which makes the learning environment even more attractive for everyone. The participants take part in an enriching and stimulating exchange that often continues until well after the program.


Costs for the change management seminar “Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives”: CHF 25,500 (effective 2018). This includes the support for the program’s preparation and follow-up phase, the class materials and meals.


  • Juli 3 - 12 (Lausanne)
  • November 27 - December 6 (Lausanne)


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