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Leadership training - Building on Talent

Training for young executives at IMD Business School

To qualify for higher positions and tasks, you need the necessary tools and know-how on the topics of leadership, leadership skills and entrepreneurial thinking. “Building on Talent” is a junior executive seminar offered by IMD Lausanne that prepares you for the next step in your career. The leadership training promotes your leadership skills and helps you to enhance your business acumen. Take a step towards sustained success and acquire the confidence and self-reliance to lead future projects, teams or business units in your company. The seminar for junior executives aims at a better understanding of your organization and business processes. Learn how to leave your very own professional footprint in your organization.

Program agenda

Bulding on Talent - Leadership training

The “Building on Talent” leadership training consists of three steps. It includes a six-week preparatory phase with online training and coaching sessions, a two-week on-site workshop at the IMD campus and a six-week follow-up phase with additional intensive coaching sessions.


The online training sessions by IMD offer in-depth knowledge of the different types of collaborating in teams and the different styles of leadership. Other topics that you will be dealing with in the six weeks before the on-campus workshop include self-awareness, team building, conflict management and resilience.

IMD workshop on campus

The two-week intensive workshop at the IMD campus in Lausanne focuses on your basic knowledge of the following topics: finance, marketing & sales, operations, strategy, innovation, digital transformation and sustainability. You take part in small-group discussions and learn from lectures, simulation exercises and practical tasks.

Follow-up and implementation

Six weeks after the on-site leadership training at IMD Lausanne you are able to implement what you have learned in your everyday work environment. You will work with a personal coach in three coaching sessions who will help you put into practice the individual development plan you developed during the workshop.

Who is it for?

High Potantial training - Building on Talent

This junior executive seminar is aimed at young high potentials and junior managers. Are you between 28 and 35 years old with five to ten years of professional experience? Are you an expert in your field, have you already managed projects and would you like to prepare for the next step in your career? If so, the “Building on Talent” leadership training is what you have been waiting for.


Costs for the “Building on Talent” leadership training: CHF 19,900 (effective 2018). This includes the support for the program’s preparation and follow-up phase, the class materials and meals.


Duration: six weeks online training, two weeks on campus at IMD, six weeks follow-up 

  • August 20-September 28, 2018 (preparation)
  • October 8-19, 2018 (IMD workshop on campus)
  • October 29-December 7, 2018 (follow-up and implementation)


Brochure: "Building on Talent"

Download here your IMD brochure for detailed program information.

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