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Learning online with the IMD training program “Global Leadership in the Cloud”

Gobal Leadership in the Cloud - effective training

Oftentimes executives’ busy schedules don’t allow them to leave their desk and they need greater flexibility when it comes to learning. This is why IMD is offering training sessions that you can take part in online. The eight-week online seminars “Global Leadership in the Cloud” include one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions during which you get the chance to interact with other participants. You solve tasks as a group or in teams of two, and learn online by watching videos and working individually. In addition, you receive individual feedback by your IMD coach to ensure you are learning proficiently and with a lasting effect. Participating in the IMD training sessions in your known environment makes it easier to apply what you have learned to your everyday work life.

The IMD seminars feature the following topics:

  • Digital disruption
  • Accounting basics for executives
  • Marketing management
  • Strategic thinking

and many more.

By participating in an IMD seminar you also gain access to the coveted IMD alumni network with over 100,000 graduates from around the world. IMD keeps you up to date with exclusive events, webcasts and newsletters, and helps you to stay connected.

A coach will watch your effectivenes at learning and gives hints

Who is it for?

Managers and executives from any country and industry who wish to invest four to six hours a week in advanced training for a period of eight weeks.


Costs for the training: 3.900 CHF


Depending on the IMD training

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Nicole Neubauer

Which is the best program for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for individual advice.

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