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Shaping digital transformation – Leading Digital Business Transformation

shaping digitale transformation with IMD Lausanne

Digital transformation is keeping companies on their toes. Digital innovations such as big data, cloud and mobile solutions as well as IoT are changing entire industries and creating completely new digital business models. Your company is facing a transition and you know you have to react to global change – but you don't know how? Digital technologies are important, but they are not everything. Digital transformation also includes an innovative digital strategy, change in the company and developing new skills. The digital transformation seminar (Leading Business Transformation) helps you to identify if and how your company should develop digital transformation. By comparing your digital business model to others, you define the degree of transformation that is the most appropriate for your business – e.g. in relation to the business model, the company and staffing structure, processes, IT skills, products or services. The aim of the digital transformation seminar is to develop a powerful digital business model that meets all internal and external requirements.

Program agenda

Shape digitale transformation in your business

The seminar combines case studies, lectures, discussions, technology demonstrations and personal challenges to develop a deep understanding of different digital business models. You deal with digital possibilities, but also with the threats you and your company are faced with. In addition to learning about the latest digital tools and trends, such as analytical mobile tools or social media applications, you also get to know the skills, competencies and behaviors you need to acquire in order to shape the digital transformation as an executive.

Who is it for?

The five-day digital transformation seminar is aimed at executives and senior managers from all areas (e.g. marketing, IT, management, strategy) who are looking to develop a strategic roadmap for the digital transformation of their company.


Costs for the digital transformation seminar (Leading Business Transformation): CHF 9,900 (effective 2018). This includes the support for the program’s preparation and follow-up phase, the class materials and meals.


Duration: five days

  • June 11-15, 2018 (Lausanne)
  • October 8-12, 2018 (Lausanne)
  • November 12-16, 2018 (Singapore)
  • December 3-7, 2018 (Lausanne)




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