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Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) – Improving leadership skills

Training for executives

We are living in a disruptive age in which business models are rapidly changing and entire industries are being revolutionized. An age in which executives, too, (have to) change themselves and their leadership behavior to meet the changing requirements. “Orchestrating your Winning Performance” (OWP) is a tailor-made five-day training program suitable for individuals and teams from all career levels and industries. Thanks to its modular setup, the program can be individually adjusted and designed to meet business requirements and personal learning objectives. You can choose between two key topics – so-called streams – for the morning and afternoon sessions, which you will focus on during the five days. These may include: leadership, globalization, sustainability, innovation or change management. Herefor experts and professors from the IMD faculty come together to discuss new topics and innovations to ensure that changing trends are taken into account and the participants can focus on relevant topics.

Take advantage of the new-found expertise, increase your leadership skills and become more confident in being a trend-setting executive in a rapidly changing business world.

Program agenda

You determine the key topics for your structured schedule. Each day of the program begins with a presentation on a current research topic by the IMD faculty. You spend most of the day in a workshop on individually selected topics. This may include: leadership, change management or innovation. You will end the afternoon with activities of your choice that strengthen your mental, physical or emotional health. In the evening, all participants get together for a presentation by a renowned speaker – in 2016 this was Nobel Prize winner Kofi Annan. After that you have the opportunity to network with other participants. Take advantage of access to a global network of managers worldwide.

Taking part as a team

Proceeding in a very focused way in a team

If you would like to drive certain projects in your company, you can also take part in the program with your entire team. This not only promotes the development of individual team members, it also accelerates finding solutions for your individual business-related challenges. There are three options for participating as a team:

  • Adjust the schedule individually: Just like individuals, teams can also design the schedule according to their individual needs and learning objectives. There are also workshops available tailored especially to teams.
  • Company-specific workshops: As part of the program leadership teams can work on a solution to a specific strategic problem their company is faced with – together and under guidance. As an example, IMD offers coaching or supervision by an IMD professor to support the teams. It is also possible to design an individual workshop week for your team. Please note that this may incur additional costs.
  • Combine the OWP program with the strategic development of your organization: In addition to individual workshop units, it is possible to book advance sessions, individual team coaching and follow-up sessions. This makes it possible to fully tailor the program to your company. Please note that this also may incur additional costs.


Per participant:

CHF 9.900 respectively SGD 13.900 for registrations received on or before February 28, 2018 otherwise

CHF 10,900 or SGD 15,900

For each additional participant from your organization: CHF 8,900 or SGD 12,900. Every fifth member of a team or organization enrolls for free.


Duration: 4 days

  • June 25 - 29 (Lausanne)
  • November 19 - 23 November (Singapur)


Brochure: "Orchestrating Winning Performance"

Download here your IMD brochure for detailed program information.

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