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360-Degree Feedback

Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report

The Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report measures a person's reputation. Reputation is what matters in a professional context, and it determines an individual's professional success. In the Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report, metaBeratung offers an online-based multi-rater feedback instrument that allows up to five groups of people (e.g. supervisors / staff / customers) to give feedback on a member of staff anonymously.

The Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report is an opportunity for young, ambitious members of staff in particular to understand how their colleagues, managers and direct staff see and rate their performance.

The advantages:

The Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report is easy to interpret, and gives the member of staff a 'real-time' look at a particular achievement and (management) behavior. The report offers constructive all-round feedback (360 degrees), which helps to specify what is expected of the member of staff with absolute precision, and to set priorities in development.

This means that the Hogan 360-Degree Report is the perfect solution for general professional development and continued strategic career development. Leadership strengths and areas of development can be identified by qualitative and quantitative feedback. The individual is given important indicators for determining the further planning of their career. The 360-Degree Report can also be used in combination with the Hogan Personality Tests.

The target groups for this Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report are

  • career-minded professionals who want to know how to get to the next level in their careers, or who are looking for targeted coaching around their leadership skills,
  • developmentally-focused managers who want candid feedback about their performance, or
  • coaching clients who want to track their annual improvement with the 360-Degree Feedback method.

metaBeratung offers a number of adjustment options for the Hogan 360-Degree Feedback Report – from customer branding and the addition of further rater groups to the addition of customer-specific or safety-related matters. To get a first impression read here the sample report.


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