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Define development fields

At metaBeratung, we understand the importance of maintaining training consistency and applying the acquired Hogan knowledge in practice. However, there are times when it is unavoidable: your Hogan certification dates back a while, the last Hogan result interpretation also took place some time ago, and you might no longer feel as adept and confident in applying your Hogan expertise.

No need to worry; regardless of whether you are looking to refresh your general Hogan know-how or preparing for the next challenging result interpretation, we are here to help you. We offer our full support through an intensive three-hour Hogan coaching 1:1, in which one of our experts exclusively assists you.

Hogan coaching focus

In addition to the basic review of the Hogan Personality Assessments and an extended feedback exercise, you can define the focus of your coaching by selecting from the following modules, depending on your needs and initial context:


In-Depth Subscale Training


Recognizing Red Threads


Creating Competency Mappings Based on the Hogan Assessments

We look forward to hearing from you and refreshing your Hogan knowledge!

Sara Becker

Sara Becker (sara.becker@metaberatung.com) advises you on our certifications and workshops and is the first point of contact for individual in-house training. Please feel free to arrange your personal consultation appointment!

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