Identify with us the development needs of each personality and plan targeted measures


Every employee has individual development needs that are as unique as they are. At metaBeratung, we help you identify these needs in a targeted manner and translate them into appropriate measures and concrete development plans in consultation with everyone involved. You decide whether to implement them as individual measures or whether they should be embedded in a broad-based development program, the design of which we will be happy to advise you on. Our consultants use diagnostic tools, such as the Hogan Personality Assessments and 360-degree procedures, to develop the full potential of your employees – from university graduates and high potentials to your junior executives.

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Optimal talent management also includes supporting and developing employees. We are happy to advise you on the entire lifecycle of an employee.


Developing talented employees into managers is a rewarding challenge for companies. We support you in the search for suitable candidates and help with personnel diagnostics, i.e., we provide you with orientation about what makes an employee individually special. To do this, we make use of various instruments and techniques, such as the Hogan Personality Test.

In times of digitization, it is also important to identify so-called disruptive talents. But what exactly does “disruptive” mean? Disruptive talents or employees understand how to break through existing processes and think in new ways. With a multitude of processes being replaced or changed by artificial intelligence or digital tools, it is obvious that the way of working in the company must also change. Strategic self-reflection in particular enables an objective assessment of the situation. Insights into one’s own strengths and weaknesses, but also reflecting on what drives and fulfills me, can help to better understand one’s own career path and identify the right position in a targeted manner.

Beratungsangebot für Unternehmen in der Personalentwicklung

“metaBeratung has been distributing the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as our partner since 2009. metaBeratung understands how to use the tool effectively. The partnership is very important and valuable to us.“

Rob Kaiser, CEO and founder, Kaiser Leadership Solution

New Work

Not only digitization, but also the changing demands of employees require “New Work” from companies. Flexible working hours and locations, new forms of collaboration (e.g., networks, social media), employee involvement, or participative leadership are keywords that need to be considered. However, a “one size fits all” approach does not do justice to the individual characteristics of New Work. Depending on the profession and working conditions, different solutions can be implemented. Depending on the individual needs and motivations of employees, appropriately adapted solutions promise the greatest success. We accompany companies and executives in developing their own suitable New Work approach. In addition to consulting, we also offer instruments that help to explore what is actually important to your employees. The MVPI, for example, makes motivators and drivers visible, or the 360° instrument LVI can be used to compare concrete expectations of managers with the actual situation.

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