Onboarding Coaching

Structured onboarding phase and higher productivity through reflective coaching


Onboarding processes make the first days and weeks much easier for you and your new employer. Often it is not the necessary technical skills that are missing, but an understanding of systemic interrelationships of the new working environment, or a lack of awareness of this ignorance. Our 4-phase coaching plan for successful onboarding helps your new manager to master this phase skillfully.

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Our onboarding coaching supports self-reflection, leadership, collaboration, and focus on key management tasks.


As part of the onboarding coaching, a certified coach accompanies the new executive during the first 100 days in the company. The coach is available as an experienced discussion partner and ensures that the new manager quickly recognizes all the important aspects for successfully mastering the new task and develops and implements targeted solutions.

This start-up phase is about getting to know your colleagues or team. Inaugural speeches or one-on-one meetings with co-workers and supervisors will allow you to gain a deeper insight into the organization. At the same time, you start building your network.

In this phase, goals are determined. These can be goals of the company, your employees and your own goals. You focus on the essentials in qualitative and quantitative terms. Goals should be concrete, measurable, challenging, but achievable.

In this operational phase, show yourself in action. It is important that all stakeholders are properly informed and involved. Schedule time and resources. Develop and test your style as a leader. Be flexible and open to adjustments.

In this review, you reflect on what was good or what could have been changed. How was my interaction with stakeholders? How was I as a leader? What did I learn? Which processes need to be adjusted?

We offer coaching for companies as well as for individuals, and together we prepare the optimal start in the new position. We accompany you and help you on this way. Ideally, consult us before your first day at work, then we can prepare your start together.

Onboarding coaching are usually conducted as online coaching and are therefore location-independent.

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