Hogan Advanced Certifications

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Become a Hogan pro with Hogan Advanced

The Hogan Advanced Certifications offer you the opportunity to take your Hogan expertise to a new level and feel even more confident and competent in the interpretation and use of Hogan personality assessments. Benefit from our expert guidance and enhance your skills for even more effective profile analysis and feedback sessions. Register now and secure your place in one of our next certifications!

Hogan Advanced Interpretation:

In our Hogan Advanced Interpretation certification workshop, you will learn how to optimally interpret Hogan results in order to conduct an accurate and in-depth analysis of assessment participants.

Expand your knowledge in the following areas:

Structured profile analysis, maximizing the use of Hogan scales, targeted analyses, precise feedback preparation, advanced interpretation techniques, mastering challenging feedback.

Hogan Advanced Feedback:

Our Hogan Advanced Feedback certification workshop supports you in giving even more effective feedback based on the Hogan Assessments – targeted and with real insight for your assessment participants.

Expand your knowledge in the following areas:

Recognizing different types of feedback, applying the F.R.A.M.E. Model, creating Individual development plans, promoting a dialogue-based approach, connect assessment results to the work context, practical Implementation under expert supervision.

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