All-around feedback for Leaders

Defining areas of development

Another important element of talent management is the development of leadership skills of senior executives. We help define career development goals and prepare managers for feedback sessions with their employees, for example.

Hogan 360°

The 360-degree feedback for managers systematically evaluates competencies and leadership behavior from different perspectives. The focus is on the comparison between self-image and external image. The Hogan 360° Report enables anonymous questioning and feedback from up to five groups of people – e.g. superiors, colleagues and customers. These unbiased results provide a clear insight into the leadership quality and reputation of the respective manager.


360-degree feedback reimagined for today’s world of crises and disruptions. Another partner of ours is Kaiser Leadership Solutions, whose 360-degree feedback with the Leadership Versatility Index is the ideal complement to the Hogan assessments. The LVI evaluates the contrasting, but complementary behaviors required for effective leadership. Leaders can identify with these traits because they recognize the tensions and trade-offs that make their work a balancing act.


What is the LVI?

The LVI is a 360° feedback tool that assesses opposing but complementary behaviors required for effective and, above all, versatile leadership.

It has a patented and unique “too little/too much” rating scale which gives leaders clear guidance on which behaviors they are overdoing and need to tone down, which behavior is well established and balanced as well as the behaviors they need to build up and strengthen to find a balance.

The results are to be interpreted as advice, not judgement, and they are structured as a feedback to help leaders to work on adjusting their leadership style.

The LVI is a behavior model – it defines specific behaviors that can be observed and, most importantly, that can be learned and adjusted. The LVI is intended for development.


„metaBeratung has been distributing the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as our partner since 2009. metaBeratung understands how to use the tool effectively. The partnership is very important and valuable to us.“

Rob Kaiser, CEO and founder, Kaiser Leadership Solution

Agile Leader 360°

The Agile Leader 360° report aims to help leaders at every level of an organization gain a better understanding of how they are truly perceived by others, thereby improving their agile leadership potential.

The HAVE model of agile leadership provides you with a model that you can use to concretize the new leadership requirements, which at the same time offers orientation for the development of managers.

Agile Leadership

Through customized interventions with little effort and maximum effect, you receive support for individual leadership development as well as measures for targeted, strategically placed development offerings that you can use across your division or company.