Agile Leader 360° report

360-degree method with an underlying model for agile leadership

Provide your executives with Comprehensive Feedback on Their Agility

The Agile Leader 360° Feedback for leaders systematically evaluates agile competencies and leadership behavior from different perspectives. Based on a self-assessment of the leader and external assessments by employees, superiors, colleagues and team members, a 360° panoramic view of the leader and his or her competencies in terms of agility is obtained.

The Agile Leader 360 is designed to help leaders at every level of an organization to gain a better understanding of how they are really perceived by others and thereby improve their agile leadership potential.

The Agile Leader 360 measures a leader based on the competencies of the Agile Leader: humility, adaptability, engagement and visionary, and the behaviors: hyper-aware, making informed decisions and executing at speed.

Sample Reports

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