Put your teams together optimally based on personality traits.


In addition to the individual development of employees, the composition of teams is also a decisive factor for successful talent management. In order to optimally staff a team and develop it into a high-performance team, we at metaBeratung offer support through our diagnostic tools as well as through customized team and eigenland® workshops. Our consultants not only analyze the role of each team member, but also provide specific information on similarities and differences within the team. This enables you to respond to challenges in a targeted manner and improve your team dynamics – for greater satisfaction, motivation and performance.

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Put your teams together optimally based on personality traits.


Just as important as the development of individual employees in talent management is the optimal composition of teams. Here, too, we support you with diagnostic tools that analyze the role of each team member and provide specific as well as individual indications of similarities or differences between the member and the team.

Especially with regard to the growing demands on teams, caused by digitization, the development of specific competencies becomes more and more significant. In order to be able to adapt to rapidly changing markets, companies must work in an agile manner. In particular, the agility of the team is an significant factor here.

It is the personalities in your company that are all decisive for the economic course.

Decide with more than just your gut feeling


In order to remain competitive in the long term, an organization must adapt to the constantly changing framework and market conditions. Change can be actively controlled or triggered by external factors. Ideally, a company should address the changing framework conditions at an early stage and actively shape them. Either way, it is essential to question your own processes and the way you work together. Digitalization in particular has significantly accelerated the speed of developments. In order to respond to this, project teams need to find each other more quickly than they did a few years ago. The interdisciplinary and cross-departmental exchange of specialists and innovative minds is coming more into focus. However, this way of working is not yet widespread in most companies. That’s why we actively support our clients in preparing their teams and executives for change. In interactive workshops, we teach the competencies and behaviors that are important in leadership and teamwork. On the basis of our personality assessments.

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