About us

Strategic consulting for successful personnel selection and career development


Strategic consulting for successful selection and career development

metaBeratung is a management and HR consulting company with a key focus on a person’s personality and its effects on the organization. The company supports HR processes, offering solutions for personnel selection and development. Working hand-in-hand with successful partners, such as Hogan Assessment Systems, IMD Business School and Kaiser Leadership Solution, metaBeratung offers its clients a customized and all-encompassing range of services. We use a global profile database to substantiate our evidence-based, scientifically valid consulting services. Our interdisciplinary team consists of well-experienced business psychologists, coaches, communications experts and business economists. In addition to our headquarters in Dusseldorf, we are also based in Munich as well as in Austria and in Switzerland.


Because personality matters...

We measure three perspectives of a person’s personality. Based on individual strengths, weaknesses (for example in situations of stress) and values, we help our clients to make the right and important placement, selection and development decisions. We also support them with development planning, team building and performance reviews. In addition to coaching and training, we offer courses and certifications to help you make informed, i.e. better, personnel decisions and give purposeful feedback. Our international team from different disciplines consists of business psychologists, account managers, trainers, coaches and marketing experts. We offer extensive industry knowledge and work with a large network of successful partners.


Your advantages with metaBeratung

  • Objective and scientifically valid potential assessment for personnel selection and career development as well as succession planning and outplacement of employees in Germany and abroad.
  • Up to 85% accuracy in predicting professional performance.
  • Highly reduced fluctuation (from 50% to 5%) by selecting employees that fit the corporate culture and the requirement profile, and by further developing their skills.
  • Scientifically valid products and processes.
  • Providing empirical data for optimizing the company’s competence model.
  • Ascertaining development and training needs – also in the commercial area.
  • You define what you need from us: We offer all-encompassing project management, advising you and building your capacities, or you can use our products autonomously – it’s up to you.
  • Pay-as-you-go invoicing, no on-going overhead costs, no contractual commitment, no licenses.
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