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Management consultancy with the focus on what's important: the personality

metaBeratung is a management and HR consultancy that puts the focus of attention on the individual's personality and its effects on organizations. The company supports HR processes and offers solutions for personnel selection and development. With strong co-operations partners such as Hogan Assessment Systems, IMD Business School, Kaiser Leadership Solution, Meta Profiling and RHR International, metaBeratung always offers an individually tailored, comprehensive portfolio. A global profile database is the foundation of any consultation, rendering it evidence-based and scientifically valid. The interdisciplinary team is made up of industry psychologists, coaches, communications experts and business economists, and has a vast knowledge of the industry. In addition to its main office in Düsseldorf, the consulting company also has bases in Austria and Switzerland.


Personality matters...

We measure a person's personality from three perspectives. Based on their individual strengths, weaknesses (for instance in stress situations) and values, we help our clients to make the right and important placement, selection and development decisions.
As an advisor, we also give you product-based feedback and support you with planning development, team building and performance reviews – to name just a few examples. As well as coaching and training, we also offer courses and certifications so that you can use Hogan products to make better staffing decisions and provide targeted feedback.
All this is supported by an interdisciplinary and international team of industrial psychologists, customer support staff, trainers, marketing experts and business people. We have a tremendous experience of the industry and an extensive network of certified co-operation partners.


Your benefit from our work

  • Objective potential assessments for selection and development and for succession planning and personnel placement both at home and abroad
  • Up to 85% hit rate in the prediction of performance
  • Significantly reduced fluctuation (50% to 5%) by choosing culturally appropriate staff and targeted development of the same
  • Optimum preparation of the line manager for the annual assessment
  • Empirical data for the optimisation of the company's competency model
  • Establishment of development and training requirements – also in the commercial area
  • Independence of third parties in the application and interpretation of tests
  • Pay-as-you-go accounting, no ongoing fixed costs, no contract, no licences.

Consulting Philosophy

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Our work is our conviction. Personality matters and we examine it in a scientific manner. Learn more...


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Our team works hard every day to provide you with the best possible product on every level – ambitious, profound, enthusiastic and flexible. Learn more...

Our partners

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With our strategic partners we can align our services and products with our client’s needs. Learn more…


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No matter if big player or medium-sized enterprises – our services are always made-to-measure. Get an insight of our projects. Learn more...


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