LVI (Leadership Versatility Index) report

Enhanced 360-degree method for evaluating management and leadership behavior

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offer your executives valuable 360-degree feedback

The classic 360-degree analysis combines the self-assessment of a manager with the external assessment and feedback of up to five other groups of people, e.g. superiors, employees or customers. Kaiser Leadership Solution’s patented Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) significantly extends this assessment. With its help, behavioral variability and repertoire can be better analyzed and mapped on a scale. The integrated comparison of self-image and external image also provides a deeper insight into the performance and behavior of the person.

The 360 degree LVI assessment of leadership behavior is an ideal complement to the Hogan personality test. As a result of the all-round view (360 degrees), the person receives targeted feedback with recommendations for their own development.

Our consultants support you in the administration of the 360 degree LVI report and are happy to offer personal feedback discussions based on the Leadership Versatility Index.

For independent use in the company, we recommend a previous certification, which you can also order online from us.