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Where to meet metaBeratung

Visit our events and stay up-to-date with current trends in personnel diagnostics and consulting for talent development and selection. We regularly offer interesting events such as Hogan Network meetings so you can share your experience with other Hogan Fans and  learn about new products. We look forward to meeting you personally soon.

// 19.04.2018

Career Day at the Hochschule Fresenius, Dusseldorf

Meet metaBeratung at the Career Day of Hochschule Fresenius Düsseldorf on 19.4.18

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// 23.04.2018

Was ist eigentlich Unternehmenskultur und warum sollte uns das interessieren?

Veranstaltung des Corporate Research Forum am 23. – 24. April in Lausanne, Schweiz

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// 17.05.2018

Let's celebrate mistakes

metaBeratung will be sponsoring the next HR Failure Night on May 17th 2018. After the major success in Berlin and Munich, metaBeratung will support yet another event in Vienna.

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// 20.06.2018

Global Afterwork at DHL in Bonn

on June 20th metaBeratung will join the Global After-Work organized by Global Digital Women in Bonn. DHL will host this months event!

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// 02.07.2018

Orchestrating Winning Performance from June 25-26 in Lausanne

IMD Business School invited metaBeratung to join innovative streams on a two day programme.

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// 17.07.2018

August 29th: 1. XChange Night

In August we open our doors for our 1. XChange Night in our Düsseldorf office.

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// 01.08.2018

Friday 24th August: Ladies Drive Bargespräche- Vol.45

How to Survive and Succeed in the Corporate World

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// 06.09.2018

metaBeratung visiting 'Zukunft Personal' in Cologne

The Hot Spot for the newest HR-trends and the future of work

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