Review: 'Future of Leadership' event in Munich

// 04.02.19

Here you get a small insight into the moments of the evening in Munich!

Charisma vs. Humility!

This was the motto of our 'Future of Leadership' event in Munich at the beginning of July.

There were exciting keynote speeches about the fact that leadership always has to do with personality and how leadership will and must change in the future.

Dr. Robert Hogan and Scott Gregory from Hogan Assessment Systems explained why there is the need for change in an often charismatic management team and how 'humble' leaders lead to success! In the future, however, not only humility will be required of a successful leader, but also the role model function.

Prof. John Weeks from the IMD Business school gave all participants insights into how to become a role model in leadership. Conclusion:  listen first, then judge and actions speak louder than words.

Nicole Neubauer, the host of the evening, spoke about her own experiences as a leader and how she managed to rethink leadership.

These topics led to lively discussions among the participants and certainly also to some thinking about their own humility!

We were fully booked up to the very last place and that already after a few days. Many thanks for so much positive resonance, exciting questions, and the great exchange!