Article managerSeminare: 'How agile are you?'


managerSeminare Top 10 Articles of the Year 2018!

Puckett, S. (2018). Wie agil sind Sie? Führungskompetenzcheck. managerSeminare (248), November 2018, S. 28-36.

The article introduces the HAVE-competency model of agile leadership as well as the underlying study conducted by metaBeratung and IMD business school Lausanne via the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT). Included are a number of helpful hints and tricks and checklists for a direct and simple implementation.

'What are the requirements for agile leadership? To what extent does agility require new behaviors and competencies of the leader? There has been much discussion about these issues lately. A global research project has now answered these questions. Based on the raised cornerstones for agile leadership it can be checked: how agile am I?'

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