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Hogan Insight - Complete package for scientifically supported personnel selection

The Hogan Insight Package evaluates the suitability of applicants and candidates for vacant positions based on the HPI, HDS and MVPI core assessments. This package includes a complete recruitment test, including the evaluation of candidates’ potentials, values and risks. You no longer have to rely on your gut feeling! The Hogan Insight Package helps you make fact-based and scientifically supported selection decisions.

Target group for the Hogan Insight Package

HR managers in charge of personnel selection
Please note: Certification is required to use the Hogan Insight Package.

Personality predicts career success

Having a successful career depends on a person’s personality. Certain personality traits are better suited for specific occupational fields than others. During job interviews in person or over the phone, it is impossible to grasp the entirety of a person’s personality. Speaking to the applicant is important, however being nervous or under pressure may influence his or her behavior. On the other hand, a person may also adapt his or her behavior in the course of the conversation to create a certain impression. The so-called gut feeling is often taken too seriously when deciding in favor or against a candidate. The result: wrong decisions that become obvious once the candidate shows his or her “true self” and “real behavior”. It is more effective and considerably cheaper to substantiate the selection decision with psychometric testing tools or with a recruitment test by Hogan Assessments. Hogan tests offer diverse possibilities and focal points.

concise, detailed and easy to understand

The package by Hogan Insight is based on the following online assessments:

  • HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory): Describes a person’s potentials and strengths under normal conditions.
  • HDS (Hogan Development Survey): Describes a person’s behavior in extreme situations such as being stressed or overly bored.
  • MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory): Describes a person’s values, drivers and interests.

To sum up the individual results of all online assessments, Hogan Insight provides an overview of all results – just like shining a spotlight on the personality. The two-page flash report contains a graphical representation of all dimensions and subscales. This makes it easier to evaluate reports and to compare several candidates.

Statement examples from the assessment

  • I cooperate well with others.
  • I remain calm even with critical statements.
  • I like to make a schedule and stick to it.
  • I like helping others.
  • Times are changing, but our traditions should not.

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Target group: Employees, Junior executives, Team management
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