High Potential Talent Report incl. flash Report

Assists in identifying high potentials and provides insights on leadership foundations, emergence, and effectiveness incl. Flash Report

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Optimize Your Leadership Development

To identify high-potential candidates as part of your leadership development program, companies often begin by defining their own criteria for leadership potential. However, this usually results in complicated concepts that do not fully encompass all relevant requirements for a future leader and often fail. This is because these concepts tend to focus too much on past performance and less on future potential.

The High Potential (HIPO) model from Hogan Assessments simplifies this process. This enables you to quickly identify promising leaders and optimize the talent development within your organization. The Talent Report not only helps companies recognize an employee’s suitability for management positions but also provides a solid foundation for assessing a person’s natural leadership style and determining how to most efficiently increase their potential.

In addition to the High Potential Talent Report, you will receive the Hogan Flash Report.