Insight Challenges Report (hds)

Examines a person’s derailment tendencies under pressure and stress

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Identify Risks Early in Pressure and Stress Situations

The Insight risk report uses the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) to forecast behavior that may be risky for a person’s career. The report identifies eleven behavior patterns that may lead to conflict, especially in extreme work-related situations. This includes stress due to increased workload, but also extreme boredom. The risk behavior not only affects business decisions, but also interpersonal dealings.

  • Increased and moderate HDS values can represent strengths. However, in the case of overburdening, relationships with other employees may be disturbed and careers may be derailed.
  • People with low HDS values generally have less problems at work. On the other hand, this kind of result points to untapped strengths, which should be focused on.