Recognizing and overcoming burnout

Published on: 6. May 2024


Nicole Neubauer

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Burnout has been a key term for years when it comes to professional – and other – stresses that affect mental health. Although the discourse on psychosomatic illnesses has become much more open, those affected are still reluctant to admit it. This is precisely why it is easier for outsiders to recognize the warning signs of burnout than for those affected.

Pitch founder and entrepreneur Christian Reber recently spoke openly about his burnout in the German magazine Capital. He is not alone in this. Nevertheless, his confession is still the exception in the world of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The cause of burnout is often the so-called “happiness paradox”. Although this group of people actually enjoys their work, they are exposed to a great deal of stress because they set themselves high goals and are under pressure. To avoid showing weakness, however, these stresses are glossed over. As a result, states of exhaustion lead to reduced performance and can ultimately cause more serious psychological damage.

It is now clear that certain personality profiles are more susceptible to burnout. In our next webinar, we want to show you how to recognize burnout tendencies in a Hogan profile.

Basically, we can say that the following personality profiles are more prone to

  • They are emotionally unstable and take criticism personally
  • They have a set of values that differs greatly from those of the working environment
  • They are exposed to professional demands that do not correspond to their inner drive
  • They have superiors who are not suitable as leaders
  • They are suffering from additional stress, such as the illness of a close relative or a separation, which they are unable to cope with adequately

How do you recognize burnout tendencies, how do they show up in the Hogan profile and what coping models are there?

These questions will be answered in our webinar on 29.5.2024 from 13-14:30 by our long-standing and Hogan-experienced trainer Susanne Nannsen and Nicole Neubauer, owner and managing director of metaBeratung in Germany and Personality Guidance in Switzerland.