LFS package incl. flash report

Comprehensive report for executives based on HPI, HDS and MVPI with development notes

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Understand Your Leader’s Natural Strengths, Risks, and Motivators

The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series (LFS) package, based on the three Hogan core assessments HPI, HDS, and MVPI, is specifically designed for executives, including top management, and answers the question of how an individual’s personality specifically affects their leadership style.

You will receive detailed information on a person’s leadership strengths and competencies, derailment tendencies and performance risks anchored in their personality under stress, as well as core values and motivators of leaders.

The report package is rounded off with concrete recommendations that help leaders lead themselves and their employees (even) more effectively.

Whether in selecting leaders or as a basis for the (further) development of your decision-makers, the Hogan LFS package provides you with exactly the right solution to make fact-based and scientifically valid decisions.

In addition to the report package, you will receive the Hogan Flash Report.